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Why Does My Real Estate Wholesaling Business Need A Website?

We have received an influx of requests from real estate wholesalers that have inquired about a website. After consulting with them, I thought this would be a great topic to discuss.

What Is Real Estate Wholesaling?

Real estate wholesaling is when a person locates a seller of a distressed property, get the property under an assignable contract under market value, add on your assignment fee to the contract, market the assignable contract to a cash buyer, assigns the assignable contract to the cash buyer, the cash buyer and seller close on the transaction and you make a profit.

The wholesalers goal is to locate these distressed properties. There are methods that you take to do this, which are bandit signs, cold calling, direct mail, and my favorite way, digital marketing by using a website. The benefit of having a website as a wholesaler is because your goal is to operate as a legitimate business. When you're marketing yourself to homeowners that need to sell their homes, you want to build that trust and rapport with them. Having a business card, a phone number, and a website and reviews can give the seller a level of trust and assurance that if things go wrong, you're not just some random individual, but a businessman or woman. Most sellers will always do research on a person/company before giving the company any information or open their home to a walk through, and photos.

Using An Online Presence to Target Motivated Sellers

Having a website for your wholesaling business, you can organically attract homeowners who need to sell and sell fast! To achieve this, you have to have a secret weapon, SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you want to focus on your local area, you can use keywords that targets your area and keywords that real sellers are using in Google search that caters to their.

How to Structure Your Website

For our clients, we always recommend a professional website, a photo of the wholesaler, an intake form to receive vital information of the owner and property, your process, your contact information, and success stories from your previous deals that you've sold. This gives the seller assurance that you're skilled in your field and that you can essentially solve their problems.

Now It's Your Turn

We're currently working with a few wholesalers so they can get up and running to go full force with their real estate business. Sure, building a business is an investment, I know. There is a lot of money in real estate, I know because I have experience in it. In real estate everything is time sensitive, and with our efficient work ethic and quick turnaround times, I'm sure we will be able to get you up and running so you can start gaining traction online and use your website as a tool to help grow your business.

Let's schedule a consultation and see how I can be an asset to your real estate business and help you build an online presence. You can request a consult here. I look forward to speaking with you.


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