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Attractive Website and No Results? Let Me Explain.

Here’s a list of why your website may not be seeing any results and may not even be showing in internet search results.

1. SEO.  You don’t have any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website, and if you do, it’s not being updated.  

2. Your website is not mobile responsive.  Mobile Responsiveness is vital to Google; It’s a ranking symbol to Google.  It will allow your visibility to be amplified and offer a better user experience to your site visitors.  That user experience includes faster load times, viewing experience is better, simple navigation, and again it’s a ranking symbol to Google. 

3. Not driving organic traffic.  You want to market your business so your target audience can perform a Google search on your company and visit that way.  This notifies Google that people are interested in what you offer.  This will pull you up in ranks. One way you can do this is by using your social media as a driving factor for traffic and less of sales. Entice your audience by making an offer or creating interests, tell them to visit your website for more of that offer or interest. Take them from social media to your website and this is where your lead generation comes in.

4.  No ‘Google My Business’ listing.  Not every company has a Google My Business listing, but if you had one for your small business it will rank higher in your local area.  This will allow your customers/clients to leave reviews on their experience with you.  The more reviews you receive, your local search rankings will increase.

5.  Not knowing your competition.  If you are an electronics retailer that just started your business 2 months ago, your competitor is not Best Buy...yet.  You want to identify those competitors locally and in other areas that are on the same line as you. You will need to find out which keywords they’re using and you need to use those as well.

If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done. – Ecclesiastes 11:4


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