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Mock Ups vs Live Links

If you have noticed, in our website design portfolio we do not provide live links to our completed projects, instead we show mock ups.

Our portfolio is structured with a thumbnail, then that thumbnail links to a screenshot of the clients' website that we designed for them, a brief description of what the company is about, and most times we will give some detail on what we did for them. We do not provide live links anymore because oftentimes a client will make changes to their website that compromises what Rich House initially built and designed for them.

Once we transfer and hand over the website to the client, they have full control of their website, which is fine because it is their website. However, we cannot allow the changes a client makes to reflect our work. The client could have added a poor quality image, maybe moved texted around and changed the formatting by mistake, or 4 years later, they could have closed down the business which results to a dead link.

If we're maintaining the website for the client, the client will hire us on retainer to make those edits and updates to ensure the site maintains in its original form that we designed and built.

You can view our web design portfolio here.

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

Be well.


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