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Website Design: How Much Should I Pay?

This is the most common question that I get from people that are interested in a website for their business. Before I can give you a price, I like to know what you need. I want to know what your needs are for your business. Most people do not know what they need and want the web designer to tell them what they need.

When it comes to building a website you want a site that not only looks good aesthetically, but it has to function well. Your site should be fast, secure, have conversion, have efficient navigation, social proof, and content. I'm going to cover each area.

Fast & Secure

When you receive visitors to you site, your site should load within seconds. If not, your visitors who could have been customers would leave. You want to ensure that your speed is up to par on desktop and mobile. You can see if your website is mobile friendly here. Your site should be secure, if not, you have some problems. Google will not rank your website, your site may give a warning notice to your visitors to let them know your site is not secure and they can then decide of they want to move forward with visiting your unsecure site. All of my clients will get a SSL Certificate, which secures the site. It's the little lock symbol next to your web address. If you do not see that, the site may not be safe to enter.


Your site needs a call to action. Whether you're selling skincare, selling services, or simply giving information, your website needs to have an obvious action that people need to do when they come to your site. Conversion is the blood flow in your business. Your call to action does not have to be for your visitor to make a purchase, it could be for them to sign up for your weekly newsletter.

Efficient Navigation

Google should have your XML SiteMap. Your navigation should be clear and concise so your site visitors can know what you want them to do. Please make sure your links work and link to the content that it should.

Social Proof

You should consider adding testimonials and success stories on your site so you can provide that psychological effect to your visitors. It shows that you're skilled in your industry, and you have been hired by others to complete a job. It gives customers/client that sense of assurance and trust.


Blog posts. Constantly updating your website with fresh information is always good to keep your rankings high. It's great to post on social media, but you need to have content on your website so Google can pull from it to help with your SEO and rankings.

How Much Should I Pay?

So, the question remains, how much should you pay for a website...a good well built website can cost you from $1k to $4k+. The range is based on your specific needs. We have packages that include different needs and they all range from different prices. Think of your website as someone meeting you for the first time. Upon meeting you and that first impression, they will make their decision on if they want to do engage with you because of your appearance and your demeanor...your website carries that same appeal. Check out our packages and services here, and let's schedule a consult. My goal this year is to help 40 businesses this year develop an online presence and grow their business. I look forward to hearing from you.

Take care.


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