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The Government Furlough and What This Means For You

The government is on furlough. It’s time to start a business so that even in a shutdown, you still can have income coming in from your business to provide for yourself and family.

In this day and age, it’s not okay to have only once source of income because when one is not producing, you have another to back you up. Even the wealthiest has multiple streams of income. You can still maintain your government job or any day job while having your business on the side. Imagine what an extra $500 or $1000 a month can do for you.

My goal for 2019 is to help 40 businesses, new or existing, to start and grow their business so that you won’t ever have to be in a situation where you’re without.

I’m super passionate about business building for my community. The best thing a person can do for themself is create options and opportunity. Without options, you are obliged to stick with that one thing, and when that fails you have nothing. You should have the option to leave your job if you wanted to and not have to feel stuck...that’s why I’m here to help you create that option.

This weekend, I offered 10 government workers the opportunity to build their business and helping them develop an online presence by creating them a website and the tools needed to get started. I want you to be next. Remember, your business cannot fire you or put you on furlough unless you fire yourself...and the only way that will happen is unless you quit.

Let’s Connect

If you would like to speak further about a website or our other digital services and you’re project-ready, you can request information on our website, or you can shoot us a text message at 732-347-6881. We will respond right away, and get you taken care of. If you’re interested in general consulting services to get your business started, we offer that as well. I cannot wait to work with you!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”.

Take care.


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