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How Often Should I Redesign My Website?

Depending on your industry, you should redesign your website as often as you need to. Some businesses prefer a redesign every year, or some more frequently.

Content Is King

Updating your site more frequently with new and fresh content pushes you to higher rankings in Google. One way you can achieve this is through blogs. Regularly updating your blog with content will show Google that you're active on your website. Always check to make sure your links are working, switch out your images, always keep something new on your site so your visitors can have a reason to come back. If you don't do this, you're missing the opportunity to provide valuable content to your readers, and a potential sale.

Google Loves Mobile View

If your website is not mobile friendly, I highly recommend you to make the change. Google indexes mobile version sites higher than just desktop, allows for a faster load time, and is a simplified version of your desktop version. Most people are viewing your website by phone, and not many people use their desktops. You want to be able to communicate and translate well to your mobile site visitors so they can receive the same experience as desktop users, plus you will be in good company with Google.

Your Site Isn't Speaking To Your Target Audience

I want you to evaluate who your brand is targeting. Make sure your website is communicating to that audience. If you brand is targeting teens, your brand should target teens, and not seniors. This is very important, and a common mistake I see with most businesses.

Watch Your Competition

Keeping an eye on your competition is a smart thing to do. See what they're doing and make sure you're up to speed and beyond. You want to make sure you're fresh and offering services/products that meet the needs of your customers. See what your competitions' website looks like. If your site is not up to par with your competitor, it's time for a redesign. You want to meet them at competition, or how I like to put it, exceed and level up beyond them!

Moving Forward...

It may not be time for a new website or it may be. My advice is to not let your website and content get stagnant. Keep writing and producing new content on your website, and not just on social media. Keep a close eye on what works, what does not work, and evaluate those changes. As I said above, there is no timestamp on when you should redesign your website, but there are factors that can help you with when it's time for a redesign or a whole new website. It is your website, but you're not the one buying from has to appeal to your target consumer.

When you're ready for your redesign, have a look at our portfolio, packages, and a la carte services here, and I know we can help move you towards success. You will be better off with us than without us.

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