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We're meeting you where you are.  Transformation can happen, and even in a few hours - that's all we need.  We're going to get you not only to the finish line, but passed it with a fully focused day, offering a turn-key experience, with a remarkably designed and conversion-driven website. 

Curated with new business owners in mind, our VIP Day Intensive offers an expedited delivery with essential deliverables that establishes the foundation you need to launch and progress your brand.  The VIP Day experience is all yours and you have our focus from start to finish, dedicated to you.

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VIP Day Intensive
Investment to hire us 
A 5-page website with the Gold package, is typically $6,000.  A $1,500 difference.

A full solution-driven and focused day dedicated to you and your brand.

24 Hours

Includes all elements in the GOLD PACKAGE


A selected template of your choice with template customization. We'll implement your branding, your specific needs and any requests you have to make the website unique to your brand.


Customization of up to 5 website pages.

Direct communication through Slack with your designer throughout the day as our team work through the process of building your new website so we can get it complete, approved, and launched efficiently, all in one day!

A final walkthrough session to introduce you to the front and back end of your new site so that you know how to manage it and make future edits. 



Payment plan available.

Interested in our other website design packages?


The full process of our exclusive and focus-driven VIP Day Intensive.



You will schedule a discovery call with our lead designer to discuss your project and see if you're a fit for the VIP Day Intensive. Afterwards, you will be scheduled, at your date of choice, for your VIP Day.  We recommend to select a day that you can commit to communication, revisions, and approvals. Prior to your VIP DAY, you will provide your brand content: copy, images, and other specifics for your brand.  

From there, you will receive next steps to moving forward and start onboarding.  You will receive: your project proposal, statement of work/letter of agreement, invoice and client-onboarding with your project task list.




You will use the time between booking your discovery to the start date of your VIP Day to gather all content and copy for your website. You will be sent a welcome guide that will include an in-depth questionnaire to gather more details about your brand, task list, how to submit your task list items, customization requests, and strategy to ensure you and your designer are prepared for your VIP Day Intensive. Your designer will be available to assist you throughout your process of preparation.



Your VIP Day has finally arrived and it's time to get to work!  You will communicate via Slack with your designer throughout the day so you will want to make sure you are available for any questions or concerns that might arise. We'll handle the implementation, design, revisions and handle site migration to get your site to launch.



After your design intensive and your final walkthrough session, you will be able to access your designer via Slack. You are offered a 5 day after sale for support if you have questions, challenges, or any issues you may encounter.  After the after-sale, you're still able to contact us via Slack or through email support.  We offer hourly design assistance services for past clients should you need more intensive assistance, site maintenance, or upgrades!




01 You're a new or small business owner that is ready to launch, and don't want to wait weeks or months to get it done by an expert.  You're ready to launch NOW!

02 You have a lot of ideas and need an expert to intervene to turn your business idea into a cohesive brand that actually converts.

03 You're ready to be taken serious and increase your prices, but you know you have to upgrade your digital presence and website first.


04 Your current brand image is no longer in perfect alignment with where you are in business and what you envision for your brand.  You want to change this, but have no idea how or where to start.

05  You're ready to make some serious change to your brand to reach a higher level in how you show up, how you conduct business, and how you serve your audience/consumers.

06  You've realized that it's time to make the investment.  You've done it yourself, and now it's time to allow a professional in.

Image by Ali Pazani


"I had the pleasure of working with Tiara from Noir Madison Studio.  I have worked other professionals before but I am blown away by this young ladies professionalism, attention to detail and people skills.  From start to finish she was a pleasure, and I will not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.  Tiara I wish you continued success!"

Deri Washington | Tranquil Designs (Interior Designer)

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