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Monthly Website Maintenance, and Why We Ditched It.

Monthly Maintenance, It’s History.

Back in 2018, we were offering monthly maintenance packages for our clients to maintain their websites. Instead now, we only offer our hourly fee to make any revisions/updates that our clients may need without a monthly commitment.

The reason I changed it is because I don’t like having clients to pay a monthly fee, though they were able to cancel anytime, we want to be able help you on an as needed basis. This will save our clients money, and to not feel like they’re locked in on a subscription. If clients need updates and revisions, we will charge our client our hourly rate and make the revisions and updates based on the amount of hours it will take.

How do we estimate hours before starting the work? Well, we’ve covered just about everything, from copyrighting to back end updates, creating user guides for tasks that our clients need to give to their employees, etc. We can estimate how long something will take. Sometimes we will under estimate the amount of time, and we will just let our client know before crossing that hour into a new hour.

Do you have any revisions that you need on your website? For our current clients, you can contact me directly in Slack. New clients, you can contact us, or send a text message at 732-347-6881, and we will respond.

Take care, and I wish you great success in whatever you do.

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