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Building a solid foundation for your brand is essential in the success of your business.  You want to put that human element into your brand so you can connect back to your audience.  Doing this makes you identifiable from your visual elements to communication, and sets you apart from your competitors.  There are thousands of companies that sell the same product, but the branding is what is unique and targeted to their audience.

Our branding service is intentional, easy to approach, and impactful with results that are sure to put you levels ahead of where you are now.


Noir Madison Studio Creative Agency Web Design Branding Marketing
Noir Madison Studio Creative Agency Web Design Branding Marketing

We offer two options for brand identity development.  Before you can build a website and create marketing collateral, you'd need to solidify the foundation of your brand.

ORIGINAL BRANDING Designed to give you a more personalized experience.  Our Original Branding solution offers a full 360 to your brand identity, creating intentional elements for clarity of your offerings, and a unique value proposition within your company in order to develop your unique stance in your industry and differentiate yourself in the market. 

This differentiation helps you build a more loyal customer-base through a positioning strategy, cohesiveness across all collateral, and allows you to emotionally connect with your audience through your messaging, which works collectively to increase your company's revenue, consumer loyalty, and brand reputation.


DFY BRANDING SOLUTION Our done-for-you branding solution is an all-in-one self guided alternative that allows you to use our custom-designed template to add your brand elements.   Our branding solution is a collection of essential elements that sets the foundation, and functions as a brand manual to solidify the internal and external comprehension of your brand. 

This option is for businesses that are not ready to invest in Original Branding, and require only a self-paced approach.

The result is brand clarity, image, and creating a brand reputation that is the gut feeling that people have about your company.


Noir Madison Studio Creative Agency Web Design Branding Marketing


Original Branding + Design
Investment to hire us $2,500

We partner with you to develop your brand identity and design to provide deep clarity for your defining purpose, elevate your brand for how you show up in your market, and create a strong and solid foundation to your positioning  strategy.  These elements work collectively to allow you to connect directly with your audience, create a brand that has a voice, and formulates clear brand messaging that develops your reputation as a brand.

1-2 weeks

Visual Brand Identity

Full Brand Identity Development

Ideal Client Profile

Brand Messaging

Color Palette 


Define Brand Voice

CEO/Founder Self Analysis

Brand Perception


Brand Assets

Business Card Design

Social Media Collateral 

3 Instagram Post Templates

 3 Instagram Story Templates

Prefer our done-for-you branding solution, instead?  


Signature design process for brand identity.



Depending on the scope of the project, we will schedule you for a discovery session with our Lead to learn more about your brand and how we can help you, based on your individual needs.  From there, if you're a good fit for our studio, you will receive next steps to moving forward.  You will receive: your project proposal, statement of work/letter of agreement, invoice and client-onboarding with your project task list.





Now that we have the main elements established, we can transition to the creative phase.  In this phase, we develop the color palette, typography, and imagery that best illustrates your brand direction.  We take those elements and create your digital brand assets: business card design, social media collateral - Instagram Story and Post templates.



We put everything together and consolidate your brand elements into a brand identity guide so you can have everything in one location, digitally.  Your brand guide is the instruction manual for your brand to educate yourself, team members, and creative partners on how to communicate your brand.

You will receive your brand assets so you can get your business cards printed, and start marketing your business using your social media marketing collateral.


You will be instructed to complete the NMStudio branding questionnaire.  This will help us explore, define, and crystalize your brand's positioning so that your brand is easily identifiable in your industry.  This phase really guides the development of your brand purpose, vision, messaging, voice, and provides the focus necessary to create your brand asset visuals.

Noir Madison Studio Creative Agency Web Design Branding Marketing



01 Your current brand image is no longer in perfect alignment with where you are in business and what you envision for your brand.  You want to change this, but you're struggling with cohesiveness across your platforms and uncertain of the look you want to showcase

You're struggling with cohesiveness across your platforms and uncertain of the look you want to showcase to your audience.

03  You constantly find yourself all over the place and on Canva adjusting your colors, fonts, and overall brand aesthetic.

Noir Madison Studio Creative Agency Web Design Branding Marketing


"I had the pleasure of working with Tiara from Noir Madison Studio.  I have worked other professionals before but I am blown away by this young ladies professionalism, attention to detail and people skills.  From start to finish she was a pleasure, and I will not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.  Tiara I wish you continued success!"

Deri Washington | Tranquil Designs (Interior Designer)

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